Activities at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals at Elysian Beach Resort

From Beaching, scuba diving, snorkeling, SNUBA, ecotours, sailing, yachting, powerboating, submarining, rafting, jetskiing, parasailing, kayaking, horseback riding, parasailing, duty free shopping, dining (an abundance of excellent restaurants on the island), drinking, fishing, golfing, and tennis ... to visiting Paradise Point, Coral World, the St. Thomas Skyride ... to sight seeing (guided or unguided tours) ... to getting married ... or just relaxing and enjoying the view on the deck of your Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals at the Elysian Beach Resort on Cowpet Bay Beach, East End, St Thomas, USVI.

While staying at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, you will discover that there is more to do than you possibly have time to enjoy.  Although there are plenty of things to do right on the island of St Thomas USVI, the great thing about being on the East End of St Thomas is that you have the ability to easily get off of St Thomas to explore St Johns and the British Virgin Islands!  Having been to St Thomas many times, the following remain my favorite things to do.  They are not to be missed!

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Visit Trunk Bay Beach on St Johns to relax and/or snorkel.  To get there, take the Red Hook ferry to St Johns and then grab a cab to Trunk Bay beach.

Take your rental jeep on the car barge (to the left of the ferry terminal) to explore the island of St. John's.  Visit the remote beaches on the far side such as Lampshur Bay.  Eat at a roadside restaurant.

Rent a powerboat w/Captain in Red Hook and head out to Jost Van Dyke.  The captain will help you with the best method to clear British customs.  Visit Soggy Dollar Bar and enjoy a Painkiller #5 in White Bay.  While there, also visit Ivan's Stress Free Bar and play bartender.  Then hop over to Great Harbor to visit world famous Foxy's for another Painkiller!  If you have time, get your captain to take you to Little Harbour and enjoy a meal at Sidney's Peace and Love.  Make a day of Jost Van Dyke.

Have a Banana Daiquiri at Mountain Top on St. Thomas or enjoy an Adult Flavored milkshake at Udder Delight at the St. Thomas Dairy.

You can find additional information on these activities further down on this page.

My personal recommendations

Take a morning walk into Red Hook
for coffee at Latte's in Paradise

Walking from Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals into Red Hook makes for a great morning ritual.  The following trail will keep you off the main roads which are not recommended for walking.  If you are a coffee drinker, there is a great little coffee stand on the dock side of American Yacht Harbor Marina called "Lattes in Paradise".

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  • From Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, exit the Elysian Beach Resort at the front gate.  
  • Turn right and walk up the slight hill and turn right into The Ritz main gate.  Smile, nod, and say "Good Day" to the guard.  
  • Walk around the left side of the main building to the back and then walk down the steps to the infinity pool and beach.  
  • Take the walkway around the left side of the pool.  Stay on the walkway and it will take you along the water to the far beach.  
  • Go to the far end of the beach along the walkway then walk onto the sand to exit The Ritz onto Bay Road.  Turn left on Bay Road and walk about 50-yards and cut over to the beach on the right.  
  • Follow the beach until you see the walking path going up the hill between the trees.  
  • Follow the walking path to the water sports shack (sailboats and windsurfing).
  • Pass the water sports shack on the beach side and take the short narrow path over to the parking lot of Latitude 18 (great food, bar, music).  
  • Take the road that exits the Latitude 18 parking area, walk about 150 yards, and look for a large opening in the fence to the right.  
  • Go through the hole in the fence, duck under the massive abandon termite nest, and you will be in the National Park.  
  • Turn left on the park road (Vessup Lane) and follow the road until it ends at Smith Bay Road.
  • Turn right on Smith Bay Road and walk 1/4 mile into Red Hook.
  • American Yacht Harbor is on your right.  Enter at the center breezeway, walk straight back and you will find Latte's in Paradise on the dock-side of the building.
  • Enjoy your morning beverage while sitting on the veranda overlooking the marina.
  • Backtrack to the Elysian with a spring in your step and enjoy the rest of your day.

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Shopping on St. Thomas

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

While staying at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, shopping is a good activity when rain is in the forecast but regardless of when you go, shopping on St Thomas is a must.

Make sure you pause and smile to say 'Good (Morning, Day, Afternoon)' to salespeople before starting a conversation.  Locals are very greeting conscious and this small gesture goes a long way.

Keep in mind that there are a large number of the shops that will bargain with you.  In general you will find the bargaining to be in your favor starting a few hours before the cruise ships are scheduled to depart. 
Most cruise ships ask their passengers to be back onboard no later than 5pm.  So do your best bargaining after 4pm.

The St. Thomas Market is an area of tents in Charlotte Amalie near the intersection of Fort Pladsen and the waterfront. (18'20'25.09 N - 64'55'49.3 W).  This is a great place for things like T-Shirts and island memorabilia.  The last time I was there I got 3 T-Shirts for $10.

Havensight Mall -  This is a series of shops near the cruise ship docks.  Just look for the cruise ships and you will find the shops.  This is a good place to shop for jewelry.  You can find the best deals in Havensight just about the time the cruise ships are about to depart.  

St. Thomas is a great place to purchase jewelry.  Popular jewelry places are Cardows and Diamonds International.  There are a number of shops a block off the waterfront in the center of downtown Charlotte Amalie.  Very old buildings from back in the days of pirates.

The best place to buy booze is at Plaza Extra in Tutu.  Each person can take 6 bottles back to the states.  Rum is the best deal.


Booze is cheap in the islands.  In particular, it is a great place to buy Rum and Kahlua.  Pusser's rum (blue label) makes a great gift. 

The cheapest places I have found to buy booze is at the Plaza Extra in Tutu mall and the Food Center which is located on the East End, one mile outside of Red Hook on Route 32.

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There are several excellent restaurants within a short distance of Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals. My favorites include:

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

A hidden gem, XO Bistro is located in the same Red Hook shopping center as the popular nightspot, Duffy's Love Shack.  From the outside, you cannot get a sense of what great gourmet food lies inside XO Bistro.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

We always make a meal out of their awesome appetizers!  This is also the only way we can reserve enough room for their irresistible gooey brownie trio desert!

Our favorite XO Bistro appetizers:

BLACKENED TUNA “SASHIMI” - Bites of blackened tuna lightly seared and served with seaweed salad.

BLACKENED SURF & TURF PLATTER - Blackened steak medallions, shrimp, scallops and lobster. Served with parmesan horseradish cream and sweet thai chili dipping sauce.

SEA SCALLOPS - Pan seared sea scallops, atop sautéed spinach with sliced tomatoes, chopped bacon, topped with toasted goat cheese and a balsamic reduction.

SHRIMP OR LOBSTER SCARGOT - XO’s take on a classic! Shrimp or lobster cooked in a white wine, garlic and butter with goat cheese melted on top.

The NEW Latitude 18 - A great place just 5 minutes from the Elysian Beach Resort by car.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

Funghi's on the Beach

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

Lime Inn on St John
Wednesdays - All-you-can-eat shrimp

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

Lots of great restaurants listed and rated here
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Night Life

Red Hook is the place to go if you are looking for an evening of fun. This is where you will find the island-style party vibe that captures the whole block. This area offers lots of variety and many options in the way of nightlife. If bar-hopping is your style, this is a stop you don’t want to miss!

Check out Duffy's Love Shack - located in Red Hook Plaza parking lot opposite the Ferry dock.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

This famous hang out is a must-see on the East End of St. Thomas. Duffy's was first built as a thatched-roof lean-to in an alley in Charlotte Amalie back in 1995.  That same year it was wiped out by a 40' sailboat that sailed over the land as a result of Hurricane Marilyn.  It was then quickly rebuilt on the East End in Red Hook.  It has since been named Coolest Parking Lot Bar in the World!

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

It has a great array of wonderful drinks in cool glasses and cups.  Great music.  It is a one-of-a-kind and a great place to chill out.  They will adorn you with a lei and provide you with a sticker that reads "I got lei'd at Duffy's Love Shack."

Also check out the other close-by night life at Latitude 18 and Iggies.

Rick, the owner of Latitude 18, runs a free shuttle from the Elysian Beach Resort on Sundays at 6:30pm.

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The Painkiller Drink

Before you get there, while you are there, and when you get home - Painkillers!
VRBO Vacation Rental by OwnerBoth Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy's on the island of Jost Van Dyke claim to be the originator of this popular island concoction.

I recommend Pusser’s Rum as the rum of choice.  Captain Morgan’s is a good alternative.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

The original recipe is veiled in secrecy.  However, on a night many years ago, I convinced one of the islander's on Jost Van Dyke to share the recipe with me. 

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

My favorite recipe:

2 parts Pineapple Juice
2 parts OJ
1 part Coconut Cream
1+ parts of rum to suit your taste
and a Dash of Nutmeg

This version of the recipe was provided by one of the bartenders at Foxy’s Tamerind Bar:

4 parts OJ
4 parts Pineapple Juice
3 parts Coconut Cream
2+ parts rum to suit your taste
and a Dash of Nutmeg

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Beaches and Snorkeling

There are a LOT of great beaches on St. Thomas.  All beaches in the Virgin Islands are open to the public.  At beach resorts, non-resort guests can usually rent chairs and water sports equipment. 

Out of the 44 beaches on the island, I prefer the beaches that have good snorkeling, sunbathing iquanas, and a bar that serves Painkillers.  Cowpet Bay Beach (the one you see from your balcony) is a favorite with frequent island travelers.
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

Video of Snorkeling with Sea Turtles at Maho Bay, St. John
Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals

A cool video a guest took while snorkeling with sea turtles
in Maho Bay on St. John, just a quick ferry ride from St. Thomas.

Click here if you want to see the video on your mobile device.

Snorkeling and Spearfishing with Sea Turtles, Octopus, Reef Fish at Mermaids Chair, St. Thomas

A GoPro video compilation from our trip in December 2014

Click here if you want to see the video on your mobile device.

Recommended Beaches and Snorkeling when staying at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals:
  • Trunk Bay on St. John - The Best!  Great beach and great snorkeling
  • Caneel Bay on St. John - Great beach
  • Cinnamon Bay on St. John - Great beach
  • Snorkel "The Caves of Norman Island"
  • Sapphire Beach on St. Thomas - Beautiful view of the BVIs but gets croweded when cruise ships are in port.
  • Magen's Bay Beach - Ranked 1 of to 10 beaches in the world by National Geographic Magazine. There is an entry fee.  It is worth going once, but I would not make it a priority.  Very busy when cruise ships are in port. (
  • Hull Bay on the north side, a favorite of the locals.
  • Lindquist beach on the East End (a.k.a. Smith Bay Beach).  Supposedly a good beach to visit when you want privacy but keep an eye out for vagrants that live in the bushes.   Take food and drink with you.
  • Secret Harbour on St. Thomas - Somewhat secluded.  No crowds.  One of my favorites.
  • Morningstar Beach on St. Thomas near Frenchman's Reef - Good beach and good mix of things to do.
  • Coki Beach on St. Thomas - Great snorkeling off to the right.  Very busy when cruise ships are in port because of dive shop.  Caution ... not safe after dark.

Fishing, Spearfishing, and Lobstering

In the winter of 2014, I had the good fortune to meet Captain Rick and join him on his Swashbucklin' Tour where he took us fishing for Tarpon, Spearfishing and Lobstering along the North Shore of St Thomas and the small surrounding islands.  This is one of the BEST adventures you can do on St Thomas!  This is a rugged adventure and Captain Rick makes a point that this is NOT YOUR MOMMA'S TOUR!

Choose from:

- Inshore fishing, spearfishing, and lobster snaring aboard the SEA WEASEL, a 22' Enduardono fishing boat. Hunt for your own dinner - you keep what you catch!

- Spend a leisurely day on the SEA WEASEL, snorkeling wherever you want. Most of the time, you won't see another person. Explore 17th century plantation ruins and 18th century historic forts - bask in the sun on secluded beaches, collect seashells, eat coconuts.

- The "Tell us what you want" tour. If it can be done, we'll do it!

Check out Captain Rick's website here:

Feeding the Iquanas

Can you feed the Iguanas? 

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
Yes!  But with Caution!

Stop at a grocery store and pick up a jar of bright red maraschino cherries.  When you go to the beaches, you will sometimes see iguanas sunning themselves.  Squat down and hold out a maraschino cherry and they will eat it right out of your hand.

Do NOT hold the cherry where they can see it while you are standing up.  Iquanas climb very fast!  Red fingernail and toenail polish is discouraged.

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Scuba Diving

If you are a diver, while staying at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, take time to explore shipwrecks, pinnacles and tunnels in one of the Caribbean's most popular diving destinations.

With all the spectacular spots to scuba dive you will always be fascinated with each excursion. St. Thomas has several unique diving sites that you are sure to enjoy. You will be able to choose from many wrecks that now have become home to a variety of marine life or from the breath taking reefs in the area.

If using a PC Browser, click on any picture to see a larger version slideshow



Among the wrecks you can visit:

Five Navy Barges that are now home to many tropical fish and very colorful coral. The Cartanzar SR a freighter, which original was set near Buck Island, after being abandoned at Charlotte Amalie Harbor. It was torn into three pieces by Hurricane Hugo. It is now home to various tropical fish, rays, eels, and sometimes an occasional shark.

The corporate yacht Chrysler wrecked here in the late 60's and has been scattered by storms and change. This is a wonderful 50 foot dive that offers a beautiful coral, tropical fish, lobsters, turtles and sharks even make a visit from time to time.

For the advanced diver Miss Opportunity is a must see. During it's time it was a 300 foot hospital ship now it lies mostly upside down on the ocean floor. Now many Jew fish have set up residence.

There are several wrecks that you will be able to explore as you dive under the sea and explore all the areas that St. Thomas has to offer. Other wrecks include, WIT Shoal, WIT Concrete, Aaron's barge, Kennedy, S.S. Grainton, WIT Service, Western Cities, Cessna 402, WIT Power, WIT Crane, Mist Barge, WIT Water Haul Barge, WIT Islander barge, Victory, Dravo, Latina, Coral Lighter, and the Lorraine. So, if you enjoy discovering the past through underwater exploration of wrecks then you are sure to enjoy the waters around St. Thomas.

Nothing is as magical as the colorful and magnificent natural reefs that you can explore around St. Thomas. There are so many that you could spend your entire vacation visiting just one a day and see many different types of tropical fish, pelagic, reef fish, turtles, sharks, among many other species that frequent these adorable reefs. Some of the reefs you can enjoy are Dry Rocks, Limestone, Sprat Point, Easter Reef, Dive Tank, T Table, Boat Hook, Castles, Coral Bowl, Current Hole, Blackbeards Eye and The Fences, Red Point, Rockpile, Stoneface, Gunsight, Andre's Reef, Titons, and many more. The
most popular among divers are Dry Rocks which offers clear water, grottos and several overhangs. Limestone is a great place to begin in shallow water around 10 feet and gradually becoming a little over 50 feet as you travel the reef. Sprat Point has several wonderful billows of coral that are wonderful for your camera at just below 40 feet. Easter Point which lays 80 below the surface and is home to turtles, eels, eagle rays, sharks and many other wonderful water creatures that you are sure to want to capture with your camera.

To learn about the dive sites located around St. Thomas, whether you desire information on wrecks or reefs you can visit They have all the great dive sites listed and some even let you in on some of the history around the site.

If you are wishing to find some unique tours where you can enjoy many of the dive sites you will be glad that you decided on St. Thomas. There are several dive shops that have instructors and tours available. They will be able to help you whether you are a beginner or a pro. You can find all types of information regarding the various dive sites and just how much training you need before you dive.

For more information and a list of dive shops, visit:

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Island Hopping

For your first stay at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, I recommend that you limit your island hopping to St. Thomas, St. John, and Jost Van Dyke.  It will be all you can do to see and enjoy these islands.  After visiting the islands many times over the years, I still enjoy these islands the best. 

You can clear British immigration at either West End Tortola (Soper's Hole) or in Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke. If you choose to clear immigration in Tortola, stop and enjoy some food and drink at the original Pusser's Landing.


St Thomas Boat Rental

Regardless of if there are only 2 of you or a group of 12 of you, book a boat through John at St Thomas Boat Rental.  (Most boat rental places on St Thomas can only handle up to 6 passengers.)  We have rented with John on multiple occasions, most recently in December 2014, and have always had a fantastic time. John, or one of his Captains (we've had Alex and Lindsey), will take you wherever you want to go and will provide you with a local's history lesson along the way. John's boats are provisioned with water and snorkeling equipment.  All we had to do is show up with our towels, hats, sunscreen, and a cooler full of adult beverages.

St. Thomas Boat Rental offers you a private boat for the day or half-day.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride while your St. Thomas Boat Rental captain handles the rest.  Enjoy the beauty of the Virgin Islands at your pace, on your schedule with St Thomas Boat Rental.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

St Thomas Boat Rental is the ONLY boat rental company that will provide you with an entire day of boating while consuming less than $100 in fuel.

Pictured above is John's 32′ ocean power cat "Innovation" which is custom built for the local waters to give the smoothest of rides. She weighs less than a ton, drafts only 15″ and burns as little as 5.5 gallons an hour with fuel efficient 4-stroke Yamaha engines. She offers a full Bimini for all day shade, fresh water shower, an iPod hook up and comfortable seating for everyone.

See John's website for pictures of Innovation and his other boats.

St Thomas Boat Rental
Office: 340-227-5144

Cell: 813-465-2665

You may get special attention if you let John know that Nancy referred you ;-)

See and Ski Boat Rental

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

If there are six or fewer of you, and getting places fast by water is desired, then See and Ski is the boutique powerboat rental company of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, combining superior quality equipment with personalized service.  Owned and operated by Mathias, who, for over 25 years, has been delivering unforgettable memories on the waters of the US and British Virgin Islands.

Visit incredible beaches, island hop between St. John, St. Thomas and the British Virgin Islands, snorkel, relax at famous beach bars, or take a fishing trip!

Mathias' fleet features twin-hulled 26′ Prowler Cats which easily take all sea conditions and provide a smooth dry ride insuring your comfort.

Boat Features:
  • Equipped with See and Ski power boats signature bimini tops providing extensive shade cover for your enjoyment.
  • Powered by Yamaha 4-stroke twin engines, the most reliable and fuel efficient in the industry.
  • Fully equipped with Coast Guard Certified safety equipment, coolers, ample dry storage and freshwater showers for your convenience.
  • Streamlined checkout to make your day on the water free of burdensome paperwork.
  • Individualized itinerary to make your day feel as if it were your own boat for the day.
Mathias provides some of the most knowledgeable Captains available.  Our renters have raved about Thomas and Raymond, both from St Thomas and possess advanced Captain's licenses.  They know the area, the waters, the currents, the hazards.  They also know the best places to visit and the best times to visit them!  You can't go wrong with See and Ski.  If you are staying at Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals, make sure you tell Mathias that Nancy from BCND sent you. (BCND is the name of the company I formed to own Nancy's St Thomas Vacation Rentals). He treats my guests very well.

See and Ski Powerboat Rentals
6501 Red Hook Plaza, Ste. 201
St. Thomas, USVI 00802

*See and Ski is located at the American Yacht Harbor on “A Dock" next to the flagpole.

Toll Free: 1-866-775-6268
Phone: 340-775-6265



BreakAway II

Some of our guests at Nancy's Condos have told us about their boating adventures on the “Break Away II”, a boat that carries 25 people.

The all-day tour includes:
  • The Baths at Virgin Gorda
  • Diamonds Reef for Snorkeling
  • Marina Cay for Lunch
  • Jost Van Dyke and the Soggy Dollar Bar
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner


Walk across the street from the Elysian Beach Resort and set sail aboard The Ritz-Carlton, St. Thomas' own catamaran, the Lady Lynsey, offering day snorkel sails and sunset sails.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
Or, enjoy one of the many charters available at the American Yacht Harbor in the village of Red Hook on the East End of St. Thomas, where you can discover the beauty of the Caribbean Sea as you explore white-sand beaches and snorkel through live coral reefs or "The Caves" of Norman Island.

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Partying by Boat

There are several island-hopping party destinations that are worth the trip. The William Thornton floating bar - Anchored in The Bight at Norman Island, named after the man who designed the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, DC.

The ONLY way to the "Willie T" is to swim from a boat.  The ONLY way OFF the Willie T is to jump from the upper deck!  Rated R - Don't be surprised to see tipsy guests ripping off their tops and jumping from the upper deck!
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

On nights with a full moon, enjoy the wild all-night-long party at Bomba's Bomba Shack - Tortola.  Panties and Bras adorn the rafters and a sign reads "Get naked for Bomba and get a free T-Shirt."  Rated R
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
Any of the many bars on White Bay Beach on Jost Van Dyke; generally rated G - Mild-to-Wild drunken behavior.

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Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is a small island of less than 200 inhabitants.  It has a beautiful beach in White Bay along with some great bars such as Foxy's, Soggy Dollar, and Ivan's Stress Free Bar. 

The country music video for Kenny Chesney's 2002 recording, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, was filmed on and around Jost Van Dyke. Included in the video were several scenes at One Love Bar and Ivan's Stress-Free Bar where it is common for patrons to mix their own drinks, and leave their payment in the register. Chesney also references Jost Van Dyke in his song,

Check out these websites for more info on Jost!

Jost Van Dyke:
Foxy's - Great Harbour:
Sidney's Peace and Love - Little Harbour - Good lobster and corn-on-the-cob!:
And the infamous Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay Beach:

Soggy Dollar Bar on White Bay

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

If you are headed to Jost Van Dyke, you don't want to miss out on the Soggy Dollar bar.  It's called the Soggy Dollar because you get there by boat and then have to anchor out in the white sand harbor, then swim in and pay for your drinks with wet money!

Soggy Dollar Song

A little bit of Soggy Mon in my life
A little bit of Miller Lite by my side
A little bit of Nilla Killer is all I need
A little bit of Sunshine is what I see

A little bit of Carib in the sun
A little bit of Dark and Stormy all night long
A little bit of Red Strip here I am
A little bit of Painkiller makes You a Man

Foxy's on Great Harbour

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

The world famous Foxy's is another not-to-be missed bar on Jost Van Dyke.  Although Soggy Dollar claims to have invented the Painkiller drink, I had my first Painkiller at Foxy's in 1988.  Take a business card and staple it to the rafters.  I have business cards in the rafters that span 20 years and 2 hurricanes!

If you are lucky, you will meet Foxy.  Actually, make that Sir Foxy.  If you see him, ask him how he met his wife and the queen of England!  He will spin you a yarn that you will have trouble believing, but ... it is actually a true story.

Check out Foxy's website here:

Corsairs on Great Harbour

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

For one of the most EXCELLENT meals in the BVI, head to Corsairs Beach Bar & Restaurant where you will meet Captain Vinny Terranova.  Beware, Vinny serves powerful PainKiller drinks!  Try his Conk fritters!  He claims to use a secret ingredient ... Conk!

Check out Vinny's website here:

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VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
Experience the first-ever, adrenaline charged, ultimate zip trip, Tree Limin' Extreme. Their exhilarating ACCT certified zipline course is designed by the renowned Bradd Morse ofthe #1 rated Zipline Jamaica. Situated high in the forest of St. Peter Mountain, you will catch breath-taking views of Magen's Bay, the BVI and beyond.

Your adventure allows you to explore the Great House and Botanical Gardens,Yacht Haven Grande and our signature drink, da Lime in da Coconut. This unique world class experience will be the highlight of your St. Thomas visit.


Explore St. Thomas' natural beauty and marine life on a guided tour through the St. Thomas Marine Sanctuary and Mangrove Lagoon.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
Getting as close to the waters around St. Thomas without just diving in can be done with a kayak. Kayaking in the calm cool waters around St. Thomas is becoming very popular and one water sport at which you do not have to be a pro to enjoy. All you need is your bathing suit, comfortable walking shoes that you don't mind getting wet, sunscreen, hat, and the rest is provided.
Kayaking is a unique water sport because the kayak is a boat that has an opening built for one or sometimes two people to sit. These boats are made from a special type of plastic and have floatation devices inserted to aid buoyancy. You can also find some inflatable kayaks that will work well in all types of water.

Kayaking is unique in that you control the boat by oars and with your own hips. As you rotate your hips the rower paddles are dropped into the water and push the water behind them so you can be propelled through the water.

There are two types of kayaking done around the islands; recreational kayaking and touring or sea kayaking. Recreational kayaking is usually done in calm waters. Touring or sea kayaking usually uses a longer boat and is designed for longer distances.

Kayaking St. Thomas USVI You will enjoy kayaking around many of coves and beaches all along St. Thomas where you see all the coral reefs, flora, and beautiful scenery that the Caribbean has to offer. For your convenience many of the resorts around St. Thomas rent kayaks. Many of the kayaks are built for two, but you can find some that are just for one. You are the one in control as you set out in your kayak. You will be able to paddle and see all the unique sights and wonderful reefs that make this Caribbean island so fascinating.

There are also a few tours that include kayaking; these tours will have you seeing some of the island that can only be seen by water. The beautiful flora and creatures that habitat this island will be a sight that you will not forget. The Virgin Island Ecotours offers a wonderful guided tour of the St. Thomas's marine sanctuary. You will enjoy the tour that will lead you on a historical and ecology lesson of the Mangrove Lagoon. This tour includes not only kayaking but also snorkeling, so you get two adventure in one, all led by experienced naturalists that know this island well. You can choose from different packages that start at 2 ½ hours up to a full 8 hours. The cost is usually around $50 to $60 per person.For more information on this unique tour you can visit Virgin Island Ecotours online.

Kayaking around Mangrove Lagoon is a must see for anyone that enjoys seeing birds and other animals in their natural habitant. Some of the most popular birds you will enjoy seeing include egrets, rays, and herons. You will absolutely love watching all the animals that call St. Thomas home.

If you prefer to go off on your own and explore you can kayak around Water Bay. This bay is very beautiful and will be wonderful to explore with you in control of your own kayak. You can rent a kayak by the hour at the Coral World dock for kayaking Water Bay. For more information about renting kayaks you can visit Coral World.

Enjoying being in control of your own kayak will be exciting and fun as you kayak around St. Thomas whether you decide on one of the tour companies or you decide to venture off on your own. This is a very nice sport that you will soon enjoy once you learn how to maneuver your kayak. As long you don't mind getting just a bit wet, you will have lots of fun and excitement touring St. Thomas and seeing parts of the island that you can not see any other way than by sea.

For more information, visit:

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Wind Surfing

Renowned for its perfect windsurfing conditions, St. Thomas is the ideal setting for year-round windsurfing.Many people love windsurfing as it is a combination of sailing and surfing where you are in control.

When you learn how to catch the wind just right you will be zooming through the water in no time. St. Thomas has several locations that are just perfect for windsurfing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro you will enjoy windsurfing at many of the beaches on St. Thomas.

Windsurfing St. Thomas USVI Windsurfing is a very popular watersport on St. Thomas so there is no need to worry about where to find the equipment you need. Many of the major beach front hotels and several beaches have equipment for rent for all kinds of watersport activities.

The climate of St. Thomas plus the picture perfect weather make windsurfing a very enjoyable sport for anyone. Imagine having the crystal clear waters of Caribbean Sea under your feet and the cool Caribbean breeze at your back giving you just the right speed to explore this wonderful sea at your own speed. You can explore waters that you have never seen and enjoy the calm clear waters of the Virgin Islands of the coast of St. Thomas.

The most popular beaches for windsurfing are Hull Bay, Brewers Bay, Vessup Beach, Limetree Beach, Morning Beach, Sapphire Beach, Renaissance Beach, and Bluebeards Beach.

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Enjoy Adult Flavored Milkshakes at
Famous Delight

(Previously known as Udder Delight)

A great rainy-day adventure

       ... Milkshakes with a kick!

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
A great rainy-day adventure, Famous Delight, previously known as Udder Delight, founded, owned and operated by "Bailey", is the St. Thomas Dairy's adult-flavored milkshake stand ... Yes! ... Milkshakes with a kick!
Stop at this little oasis on a day when you are on your way to/from Magen's Bay Beach, headed into town for shopping, or taking a road tour of the island. 

Set amongst what looks like a construction site, this Udder Delight provides a marriage of ice cream and alcohol perfectly. What they lack in ambiance, they make up for tenfold in taste! 

Enjoy your milkshake as you watch the locals play dominoes.  You may go home a little wider after indulging here - but it's so good, you can't help but smile.

Mountain Top

Feel the thrill of climbing up over 1000ft in an open air safari bus through tropical forest to the highest point on St. Thomas. (

This viewing spot is at an impressive height of 1,500 feet above sea level, offering spectacular views of both the US and British Virgin Islands. In fact, National Geographic has rated this view of Magens Bay as one of the ten best views in the world. It features a casual shopping area for browsing and a bar which is the home of the world famous Banana Daiquiri. It is a great place to see the island chain. Vast panoramic views span from St. Thomas and St John to the British Virgin Islands and include a total of 20 islands. Just breathtaking!

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Golf - Mahogany Run

Challenge yourself at St. Thomas' Mahogany Run - a Tom Fazio- designed, par-70, 18-hole golf course overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. This course boasts what are considered to be 18 of the most beautiful and challenging holes in the Caribbean. Test your golf skills on the 13th, 14th, and 15th holes - better known as the Devil's Triangle.

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St. Thomas and St. John are a hiker's delight - from discovering secluded beaches to exploring  sugar mill and plantation ruins.

VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner

The Virgin Islands National Park on St. John maintains several exciting trails including the famous Reef Bay Trail. There are also gut walks, scrambles and short trails to out of the way places. For really great information on all the best hiking on St. John Virgin Islands check out “St. John Off the Beaten Track” by Gerald Singer and “Feet Fins and Four-Wheel Drive” by Pam Gaffin.

Horseback Riding

Ride through lush green hills on a secluded trail leading to the beach. At Half Moon Stables, horses and ponies are available, as well as your choice of English or Western saddles. Visit Carolina Coral Stables in Coral Bay, and discover the beauty of St. Johns' interior during a relaxing ride on a horse or donkey.
VRBO Vacation Rental by Owner
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